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    DEVELOR Global CEO, Mr Zsolt Pozvai gave a lecture about the Future of training at the largest HR Conference in Bulgaria, HR Innovation Forum to an audience of 250 HR professionals and business decision makers.

    Mr Pozvai highlighted the three main threats on classical training: knowledge is widely available for free, Brinkerhof-study proved that training alone doesn’t generate behaviour change and the parties are not interested in the measurement of business effect of training. Significant change needed immediatelly, the way the training vendors react on training requests has to be to turned upside-down.

    DEVELOR’s extended learning (aka X-LEARNING) concept extends the learning in time and in depth, putting special emphasis on actions before the program and especially after-training interventions.
    Implementation support is the key to change mindset and behaviour. Management Operation System, mainly in the form of a structured Governance Model and the related Dashboard is the most popular and impactful element of implementation support systems and processes nowadays.

    DEVELOR being an “implementation consultant” guarantees the financial return of any complex people development program.

    If you want to learn more please, contact us: or


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