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BE agile, not only DO agile

We see companies spending enormous time and money on
implementing agile practices, training scrum masters or hiring
agile coaches. However, despite all the efforts, 9 out of 10 agile
transformations fail to generate capability to adapt to changing
market conditions.

What they often miss is preparing their people for the
challenges, tasks and skills of the new roles.

An organization, team, or even a person does not become agile
simply after completing a formal course or program. At least not
until they are able to implement the agile principles in their
everyday reality.

That is why they often get stuck at the level of doing agile,

not being agile.

Insight 1

A new approach needs new mindset

We live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex,
ambiguous) world. We experience this around us every day.

It is important to recognize that agile operation is not
merely a fashion trend, but one of the ways to overcome
challenges we face in turbulent times.

This recognition helps to handle the resistance of
colleagues to agile transformation, especially with
widespread organizational reluctance to change.

To support companies in initiating this change and
developing the proper mindset, we offer a highly engaging,
game-based learning approach – the VUCA Challenge

During this program participants experience and
understand the challenges of the VUCA world, learn how
to deal with these challenges through various tools and
techniques, and practice team and individual routines
based on the agile approach.

Insight 2

Agile and not agile at the same time?

Agile methodology and agile project management gain
increasing popularity. The method originated in software
development, but is now used by more and more
companies outside IT as well.

However, despite its many advantages, an agile approach
should not be used for every company and every part of

For many companies it is best to maintain their traditional
operating model, while taking advantage of the agility in
selected projects.

For that they must identify suitable areas to deploy agile
practices and teach people how to do agile in an
organisation which is both agile and traditional.

Insight 3

Work with a Learning Architect

Each Blended Learning program is exceptional in its kind.
Its structure and content are determined not only by
customer needs and participant preferences, but also by
technical possibilities and constraints as well.

Expected results can be achieved in several ways and
methods, from which we need to find the most appropriate
ones. The wide range of different learning methods and
tools can make it difficult to choose and find the best

This is what Learning Architects can support you with.
DEVELOR’s Learning Architects assess the needs and map
the specifics to design the most suitable learning program
for you, and to make each program a unique learning

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