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Foster collaboration or face extinction

The reason why humankind is the species on the top
of the food chain has something to do with our
evolved brains.

But much more to do with our ability to form effective
units that strive for common goals. Especially in
unfavorable conditions.

Many organisations face the threat changing reality. The response that helps to
stay afloat is not isolation. It is to foster collaboration - internally and with the
outside world.

The internal response frequently involves hybrid operation, remote work
arrangements and geographically remote teams. There is an expectation for the
teams to remain collaborative. 

Insight 1

The challenge of remoteness

Teams need to construct communication channels and
establish patterns of frequency. New virtual etiquette
needs to be followed while maintaining the company

Frequently a collaboration operational model is required to
ensure daily, weekly routines of discussion meetings, one-
on-one coaching sessions and work reviews.

A technological, digital challenge needs to be answered by
deciding on which digital tools are the most effective for
the purposes of collaboration, communication, remaining
creative and effective in making decisions.

Insight 2

The challenge of unclear roles and competences

Traditional hierarchies and decision making lines have
collapsed. Frequently there is no ultimate knowledge with
the manager about which decision would be suitable in the
given situation.
New competences are emerging to be crucially important.
It seems that autonomous teams with high levels of
engagement and the ability to grow are key to the future.

Insight 3

Let’s co-create the right solution for your team!

With a joint effort of diagnosing the right intervention,
DEVELOR learning architects can design the right solution.
This can include establishing communication channels;
developing virtual collaboration norms and designing the
collaboration operational model.

We can support the team to select the right digital tools for
the right purpose.

Let’s create a team building events online or through
experiential learning activities.

Ultimately, with the unique Team Sociomapping tool, we
can enhance the effectiveness of team cohesion.

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