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    The Customer Experience Champions Award is one of the most prestigious national business acknowledgement in the topic of customer service and customer experience, which has been won by UPC in 2015.

    CX-leader-award-ceremonyBudapest, February 1st 2016 – Develor Consulting Ltd has prepared its corporate customer experience survey the third time this year, which investigates the corporate segment using in-depth interviews and quantitative methods, as well as assessing public opinion, using a representative sample of 1,200 respondents from around the country to establish which companies customers consider to be experience leaders in Hungary. According to the survey’s results, UPC customers think that the company did the most over the last year for customer satisfaction.

    «A company is only able to do even better than its customers’ expectations and provide an exceptionally positive customer experience with committed colleagues. The true customer experience is the one that not only makes customers satisfied, but which also elicits emotional bonding» Develor CEO Csaba Szabó said at the ceremony.

    Among others, this year’s research assessed the degree of this recommendation, and also that which companies are identified as service providers offering superior experience. This year UPC Hungary Ltd was awarded by DEVELOR as Customer Experience Champion 2015, who performed in the forefront of the customer experience leading companies and made the greatest progress compared to the previous year.

    «We are delighted to see that our efforts are clearly recognized by our valuable customers and it is also reflected in our own measurements,” Magnus Ternsjo, Chief Executive Officer of UPC Hungary, said when receiving the award. “In the past years we’ve been working hard to improve every touchpoint with our customers and enhanced experience beyond just product offerings, focusing more on customer care with a more emotional and considerate touch.»

    DEVELOR Consulting Ltd

    DEVELOR is a market leading consulting company, operating in 12 countries. Specialist of the implementation of customer experience strategy, the development of human transactions and related processes and the design of operational management systems with special emphasis on front-office staff training and engagement development.

    About Customer Experience Champions Award

    Since 2014 the award is given by DEVELOR to companies who do their best in the National Customer Experience Research, who are leader companies in terms of customer experience. In 2014, Vodafone and K&H Bank were awarded, while in 2015 UPC Hungary Ltd.

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