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Managing complexity and leading in the VUCA world

The complexity of businesses increases at an accelerating pace. Only a
few organizations are still simple - with the situation stable and the link
between cause and effect clear. Many more companies are complicated,
with a range of good answers to any question.

And everyday more and more organizations - or parts of their operations -
are becoming complex, so that we can deduce the cause-effect
relationship only in retrospect and there are no right answers.

Coping with the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)
poses a challenge to almost everyone with management responsibility

Leading complex organizations or solving complex problems especially
in a continuously changing environment requires a growth mindset and
a new set of adaptive leadership competencies.

Insight 1

Mindset makes the difference

What is more important in leadership – skills or mindset?
The focus of leadership development needs to move from
techniques to redefining leadership mindset. This will equip
managers with the ability to handle complexity and

Growth mindset is the starting point – not only for leaders,
for all. With a growth mindset people thrive on challenge,
see failure as a springboard for growth and celebrate success for all.

The other cornerstone is courage, the ability to take risk
and responsibility for our actions. Courage can thrive only
in the environment of psychological safety, a culture where
people are not afraid to speak up and ask questions.

How can leaders build this environment of growth mindset
and safety? Only if they are in the right frame of mind and
take the action. That is what we focus on in our leadership

Insight 2

Skills of the future

The VUCA prime model calls for leaders to focus on
building Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility. These
will help to cope with and overcome the daunting and
paralyzing impacts of the VUCA world. Future leadership
skills are developed with various ways of complex offline
and online programs.


Our game-based learning has a crucial role when raising
the attention of leaders to those areas that are relevant for
them today and tomorrow. VUCA challenge and Mission to
Mars programs engage participants and create a sense of

Insight 3

Leadership routines for sustainability

The proper mindset makes people open for change,
answering the question: “Why to change?” This is why we
start the training programs with mindset shift courses.

The second question is “How to behave now?” This we
answer through structured development of relevant
leadership skills.

The worst thing that can happen is to have motivated and
trained leaders and throw them in the system, where they
are not given space to use the new mindset and routines.

That’s why the Leadership Operating Model (LOM) – a
collection of expected routines of activities for a certain
group of managers – must be set or reviewed.
That will answer the question for leaders “What practices
do I run with my people?”

Our solutions for Future Leadership

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