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The best way to learn? Play!

Games are an essential way for people to interact and learn. It offers
many opportunities not only for children, but also for adults to develop
their skills through practice, experimentation, and interaction with each other
and the environment.

In DEVELOR we use different forms of this method in development
programs - game-based training, online simulation, tablet game or
indoor or outdoor experiential learning activity.

Gamification is a tool that increases participant experience and thus
the emotional involvement of managers and employees.

Insight 1

Build on intrinsic experience

Nowadays, in addition to the learning impact, there is a
growing expectation for training programs to be exciting,
engaging, innovative and modern. Participants want to
have fun while learning.

Although it is a relevant expectation, there is a great risk in
it as well: fun should not take precedence over learning,
but support it.

In the case of game-based learning that DEVELOR uses,
games are explicitly designed with educational purposes.

Game characteristics and game principles are inherent
within the learning activities themselves, using the intrinsic
experiences of the participants.

Insight 2

Choose the game that suits your purpose

Are all games created equal? We don’t think so. It is
essential that we consciously select game-based solutions
with the learning goal in mind. That’s why in DEVELOR’s
expanding game-based learning portfolio, we differentiate
between training courses.

Some are based entirely on games, some on business
simulations, board games,indoor and outdoor experiential
learning activities, game-based virtual training courses,
and skills development tools.

Each has a specific purpose and designed for different
learning needs that we define together with our clients.

Insight 3

Popular game-based courses

Our Amundsen Leadership training supports participants in
developing their leadership skills while playing in the
framework story of Roald Amundsen’s Arctic expedition.
The Fly for Life simulation puts participants into an
unconventional and highly challenging situation – they
have to land a Boeing 737 safely, under time pressure.

In the VUCA Challenge training participants have to solve a
crisis situation by continuously planning, executing and
reviewing their activities, and adapting to unexpected

The Mission to Mars – Adaptive Leadership program places
participants in an environment full of unknown challenges
where they learn and experience the elements of adaptive

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