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Going hybrid comes with risks and benefits

As a pandemic-driven transformation a vast number of
companies are planning and implementing a hybrid operation -
part of employees working at the office, while others work from

This new operational model provides bigger flexibility for the staff
and thus promises higher engagement and productivity.

Besides the substantial benefits there are significant risks as well.
Operating hybrid teams and organizations requires a new type of
leadership style and renewed routines.

The main success factors of implementation are conscious
change management and training managers and staff to the new

Insight 1

Culture comes first

The revision of corporate culture, values and norms is the
logical first step when going hybrid to mitigate the risk of
having two parallel cultures and routines. The review of
current main components of culture should involve the
entire organization.

An online culture survey validated by appreciative inquiry
interviews and focus groups is a good starting point. But
culture change does not lead with words, it leads with

People do not change their beliefs by speaking about it,
they need to experience the change to believe and feel it.

The new culture should provide cohesion and belonging,
whether your employees are working remotely, or in your

Insight 2

Collaboration on trial

Collaboration and communication are typically the Achilles
heel of organizations. The risks are multiplicated in remote
and hybrid organizations. It might even cause deep
fractions if there is no effort to prevent it.


You have to improve the communication and collaboration
within teams and between departments, since silo thinking
might get a boost with the changes.

Team cohesion programs are essential to strengthen collaboration, Team Sociomapping is a great tool to assess and improve the communication and collaboration of important teams.

Insight 3

Working remotely can be trained

The hybrid operation requires special competencies from
both managers and staff. Your colleagues are trained to
adapt well to the new way of working with online and
offline courses.

The training programs about how to lead remote workers
and hybrid teams provide the proper tool-set for the main
challenges of leaders for motivation, control and

The Effective home office worker training series equips
the colleagues with all skills and techniques that can boost
personal productivity when working from home
or remotely.

Our solutions for Hybrid Operation

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