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    Customer Experience is a key differentiator of today’s business. Based on DEVELOR’s International Customer Experience Research 2014, corporate decision makers reported 21% total income loss in case of fail to provide positive, brand consistent CX. This is a huge amount at stake. 90% of top companies manages CX amongst the highest ranked strategic topics, and almost all aims to be the CX leader of their business segment.

    Join a dedicated group of international CEOs, CMOs, CX Managers and Retail Directors to learn more about this strategic issue. The Conference will focus on all relevant related topics, the speakers are the executives and experts from international firms, like KBC Group, International Personal Finances, Raiffeisen International, FORD, Etisalat, RWE and many more. The participants will join mainly from the Central European countries: HU, SK, CZ, PL, BG and from the UAE.

    The International CX Conference provides a great opportunity to share experiences among CX professionals and learn from best practices. If your business or team has delivered any CX initiative you are proud of, nominate your project for the “Best CX Project Award”.

    You will find an application form and further detailed information about the Conference here.


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