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    A success story just begins, the renewal of Develor Poland

    Develor International is a European leader in training & consulting industry, with affiliates in 11 countries, delivering measurable business results for its clients over 21 years.
    The company offers:

    • regional coverage – services delivered in 20+ countries in 19 languages,
    • high- quality tailored services in four areas of expertise: leadership development, sales improvement, talent management and organizational excellence.
    • experienced central project management system for large regional projects
    • guarantee for measurable effects – Develor solutions generate tangible business results for clients
    • 2nd generation trainers, with not only professional trainer skills but also with solid business background
    • rich own know-how and widespread product portfolio – Develor could run 300 training days without any repetition of content and material!
    • innovative, online platform supporting the whole development process (before, during and after course activities) – Develor EnterTraining
    • exclusive partnerships with world-class methods and tools e.g. Team Sociomapping, Kirkpatrick, Insights Discovery

    Develor has been active on the Polish market for many years by partnerships delivering sales and leadership development programs for Nissan, Puma, Johnson Controls, Gedeon Richter and others. The positive experiences in Poland and the great perspectives provided an opportunity to significantly strengthen the presence of Develor on the Polish market to reach the market leader position and establish a joint-venture with a strong local partner.
    This ambitious challenge has been taken by Bartlomiej Wrzosek, who was a co-creator of the success story of two Polish companies from start-up to market leading position – HRK S.A. where he spent 12 years as Sales Director and Head of Development & Training, and the teambuilding and leadership training specialist Fun/Skills Hunters Sp. z o.o. where he spent 7 years as Managing Director and Master Trainer.
    Bartlomiej Wrzosek was asked about his decision to join the Develor Network
    “It was one of the easiest and most important decisions of my life. I could tell that Develor is a European leader with awesome service portfolio, wonderful people in 11 countries working as a real community. The crucial factor for me was that we share the same values – strong focus on clients, innovative thinking and focus on tangible business results. I believe that the combination of my 18-year experience on the Polish market with Develor’s strengths will create a very positive “exploding mixture.
    I had possibility to co-operate with multinational companies and observed that very often Poland and other eastern countries are treated like a “3rd world country” and I was cautious with looking for an international partner for my business. When I met Develor the impression was completely different. Despite the fact they have a real international coverage, revolutionary IT systems, professional reporting and so on, what I experienced was that all people and all countries in this organization are treated at the same level and as partners.
    From this point of view it is not important whether the Managing Director is a shareholder (as it is in my case) or he is only an employee – the fact is that everyone has autonomy and decision rights to run the business in their own local way.
    Develor Polska will be a company adjusted to the Polish market’s specialties and expectations, nonetheless effectively implementing international know-how and supporting systems, which guarantee a world-class service quality.
    Our professional approach is “fresh air” on our market providing unique services and generating business results. Develor is different from the competition because we are focusing not only on the training program itself but much more on the development process: what happens before and after the course, will result in sustainable behavior change and thus visible improvement of company KPI’s.”

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