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Selling as it was, is over

Though in most countries strict lockdowns seem to be over, certain habits
have changed; doctors have discovered that they do not need to see
medical representatives personally, retail store managers are comfortable
ordering online.

Sales organizations need to build new ways of approaching the
customers and reinvent the behaviors of sales people during the

Virtual meetings are different in nature to the physical ones. And although
some past practices might still work, customers’ expectations in nearly all
industries have evolved.

To evolve as well, salespeople must first change their mindset from
“Business as usual will return” to “The world is new, let’s adapt.” Then their
skills required to build trust, to assess the customer needs and to present
the product or the solution can be updated to match the new reality.

Insight 1

Less time for trust building

These days – regardless whether we meet in person or
online – the opportunities to build trust are limited.

Both the online communication and the social distancing
rules are limiting our options to make a good impression.

Customers have less focus on non-necessary purchases.
Uncertain future forces clients to be more cautious and
less decisive.

Selling behaviours, which were neglected, need

We find more important now for the salesperson to
consciously adapt to the client to build rapport, to prepare
in a structured manner for every interaction with intention
to exceed the expectations.

Working with sales people we start by forming the mindset
so they are ready to accept that change is needed. Then
we train proven effective behaviours and add new
practices that are suitalbe for the new era. We train this
using tested concepts in practical situations in their

Insight 2

Selling is more than ordering

The ever greater shift towards online is down-playing the
thorough needs assessment. Today you can order a Tesla
with five clicks.

Customers get the false perception that without consulting
an expert their decision is the same well informed and
fitting to their needs as with one.

The key challenge of selling then becomes to establish
that the salesperson in the expert role is needed. And that
strengthens the need of salespeople to be trained to be
the trusted advisor.

That’s why DEVELOR during sales programs focuses on
understanding all salesperson roles.

Insight 3

Interaction is experience

The false impression of “I can order all online” also
challenges the importance of personal customer
experience. As a consequence, the company either goes
fully online or must provide the best sales and customer
experience to survive.

Examining the customer journey in the new reality,
retraining the critical in person interactions and making
sure they are executed well is critical for companies who
want to maximise the value of person-to-person
interaction in selling.

Our focus in sales development remains on exceeding
customer expectations by training winning communication
patterns and using operational routines that continuously
reinforce them.

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