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    The focus of Develor’s International Conference (DIRECT) this year was on market trends, measurability and new innovative solutions.
    More than 50 Develorians from 14 countries gathered at Dunakiliti for a week at the end of August to share knowledge, discuss client-specific topics, and learn new solutions and methods. The external facilitators and lecturers had real added value to the program, whilst one of the most popular event was the presentation given by Mr. Michal Bača, Head of Learning and Development at VUB Banka (SanPaolo Group). The participants identified the main trends of the training&consulting industry and the possible answers to the challenges training companies will face in the forthcoming years. Training is not dead, but will be changed significantly. The Think Performance approach is a right answer to this issue with those clients who are committed to business results. This also was the  official launch of some new legendary exercises like Develor Diplomacy and The Amundsen-story which are from now on available for clients as well.

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